Self-Isolation Skincare Routine

5 Step Self-Isolation Skincare Routine



Take self-isolation as time for yourself, me time! Now is the perfect time to up your skincare game. A lot of us, including myself often fall lazy with our daily skincare routine due to lack to time in our busy schedules. Here is a basic skincare routine to get you started and hopefully help you along your way to find what is best suited to you.
Put those wipes to bed and pull out your muslin or good old fashioned flannel, and start by removing your make up the correct way.
For this I would highly recommend using Guerlain’s Micellar Lotion with a cotton pad, its super effective whilst being gentle on the skin, it also gently cleanses the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and plumped from the first step.
Although this can also be used for the removal of eye make- up I often look for something specifically designed to protect my lashes, and for this I use Guerlain’s Biphase Eye Make-Up Remover as it works wonders with its active ingredients that helps protect your lashes.  Simply apply to a cotton pad and remove make-up with a sweeping motion from the inner corner of your eye to the outer, avoid rubbing as this can pull out you lashes regardless of how gentle the product!
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Your next step would be to cleanse the skin even deeper and for this I love the CeraVe foaming cleanser, a great product and super affordable! The foaming cleanser in particular is designed for those like me with normal to oily skin.  The CeraVe hydrating cleanser would be for those with normal to dry skin types. The application would be the same for each… simply add one pump to wet hands and gently in circular motions massage into the skin for at least a couple of minutes. You then need to take your cloth and with warm water to wash off the product. Often people complete this step twice which is known as double cleansing, but that is up to you!
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After cleansing a toner is essential and the Guerlain Honey Nectar Lotion is wonderful! It infuses your skin with essential nutrients and helps sooth the skin whilst rehydrating and restoring your skins natural glow. Again, add one pump to a cotton pad and pat onto the face and down on to the neck area.
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The eye-area is next on the list as eye puffiness and dark circles are common concerns for most of us. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream is a great product that again is super affordable. Apply a small amount to fingertips and massage onto the bone of your outer eye area, do not apply to the soft skin directly under the eyes.  This product plumps up fine lines and smooths & brightens the delicate area.
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After this I would then apply a moisturiser, and for this I swear by Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Care.
I absolutely love this product and couldn’t live without it. Add a pea size pump to fingertips and massage onto face. This is a 12 hour radiance boosting moisturising cream, with visible qualities. This cream has a beautiful subtle pink iridescent hue which when applied creates a wonderful radiant glow.
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It is recommended that this process should be done morning and night for best results.


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