Male Grooming: Choosing the Right Fragrance for Your Personal Style

Male Grooming: Choosing the Right Fragrance for Your Personal Style


Finding your signature scent is a great feeling and while you may like to switch scents occasionally, most of us do have a favourite which stands the test of time. The broad range of men’s fragrances ensures there are plenty to choose from if you’re looking for a new scent or want something for a particular occasion.

Men’s scents are available in different forms from the strongest eau de parfum to colognes which are lighter and less longer lasting. Your favourite scent may also come with a choice of aftershave gift sets so you can enjoy your scent as a lotion as well as cologne. Choosing a scent can be as simple as going for what you like best but you may want to consider it a little more and keep these points in mind.


Our guide to choosing men’s fragrances


The best fragrance for men is extremely personal and people all have their own preferences. Some fragrances have endured for many years, giving them a classic feel while others are younger and more contemporary, and you may want to keep this in mind when selecting your next scent.


Choose According To The Occasion


DG The One Gold Men EDP

If you’re selecting a scent for a special purpose, then consider how you want to come across. For formal, night events you may choose something striking, intense and elegant such as Dolce & Gabbana’s The One for Men Gold Eau de Parfum Intense, new for 2024 and packed with opulence and woody depth. The man who wants to make a real impression or is perhaps the star of the event may want to seriously set the tone with a scent such as Ralph’s Club Elixir by Ralph Lauren. Ralph’s Club Elixir is luxurious and daring, with woody depth topped with amber notes for timeless richness.


Express Yourself


Armani Code Homme EDT New Line Up

Your personality and sense of style may also influence your choice of scent. Hugo Man Intense Eau de Parfum has a rich, awakening freshness with thyme and geranium mixing with citrus notes, perfect for a bright and refreshing feel. Alternatively, opting for classic cool never fails either, with a scent such as Giorgio Armani Code never going out of style.


Consider The Notes


You may have preferred scents which are your go-to, so check those notes in any scent you’re considering. The top notes are the first thing you smell, so you’ll want some of your favourites in there while the middle and base notes linger for longer.


The Best Male Fragrances


Our range of fragrances ensures there is plenty of choice for any personal preferences. You can find those exclusive one-off scents for special occasions as well as classic fragrances for everyday wear.

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