Spring Fragrance Guide

Spring Fragrance Guide



Spring/Summer is our absolute favourite time of year at Scentstore HQ not only because the sun is shining (hopefully) and the trees and flowers are starting to flourish but we have an influx of amazing fragrances’ land in store.
It’s time to put away the heavy, warm scents and opt for something more uplifting to our senses.
Uplifting is the best word I have to describe how spring/summer fragrances make me feel. With these sorts of fragrances we tend to see an array of beautiful ingredients from the fruity, citrus and floral spectrums, and combined together they make some of the most amazing compositions.
In this blog post I am going to share with you a collection of both ladies and gent’s scents that I feel make the perfect spring/summer fragrance options.

One of my most favourite ranges we have at Scentstore is the Aqua Allegoria Collection by Guerlain. This collection screams spring/summer and I love so many of them. The collection is made up of around 10 different fragrances; here are some of the ones that have made it into my fragrance wardrobe.

Pamplelune is one of the most ‘happy’ fragrances on the market; it’s everything a summer fragrance should be. From first smell it really does uplift your senses with a burst of exotic grapefruit, nicely complemented by fresh bergamot. Neroli a sweet, orangey flower and also Vanilla provide added sweetness to the composition, creating a wonderfully sunny scent.

Pera Granita is another favourite of mine, again with a tantalising note of grapefruit; however Pera Granita softens the zing with juicy pear and jasmine. Osmanthus also features in this fragrance which is one of my favourite ingredients, as it’s a sweet flower that doesn’t have a traditional floral smell; Osmanthus tends to have a soft peach like scent. This mellows the citrus zing and provides a wonderful uplifting, feminine trail.

Flora Cherrysia is one of the newest editions to the collection, introduced in 2019.
This is one of the more predominantly floral fragrances within this collection, it opens again with fruity tones of watermelon and bergamot but this is gently enveloped by beautiful florals which take over the composition. The most predominant note and as per its name, Cherry Blossom gives this fragrance its unique character, alongside Cherry Blossom we see floral tones of Rose and Violet. Musk sits in the base of this scent, providing a feminine musky, floral trial.

Jimmy Choo Floral launched in 2019 is a beautiful spring/summer fragrance, and has proved to be a very popular launch here at Scentstore.  It’s the perfect combination between fruity and floral with a beautiful bright freshness.
Tantalising notes of nectarine, tangerine and bergamot open the fragrance, creating an addictive opening. In the heart is a bright, sweet floral bouquet with notes of magnolia, sweet pea and apricot blossom, before merging with a base of musk, Ambroxan and woody tones giving the fragrance more longevity.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana is the perfect floral; it’s easy wearing with bright springtime freshness. Your sweeter florals of papaya flower and Neroli open the fragrance, creating an almost citrus like scent. Amaryllis, narcissus and water lily, are in the heart of the fragrance which gives the composition a timeless green floral vibe.

For men the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue collection is always a great option for your spring/summer scent, we always see a sales increase for this collection when spring arrives. They are gorgeous fresh fragrances that are super versatile. This collection consists of the original Polo Blue eau de toilette, Polo Blue eau de parfum and Polo Ultra Blue.
Polo Ultra Blue as I feel this has the most intense freshness. Opening with a burst of citrus, lemon, lemon verbena and basil open the fragrance, whilst mineral tones and ambertonic lie in the heart, mellowing the punchy, sharp opening.
A base of salt and musk gently envelop the fragrance, but overall the fragrance sports a fresh aquatic vibe.

Next for men I love Prada L’Homme L’Eau, it’s the epitome of a fresh out the shower fragrance, that would be the perfect scent for any age. It opens with bright, confident tones of ginger and Neroli, with heart notes of iris and amber. The base sports sandalwood and powdery tones. This fragrance is clean and classy from the opening to the dry down. The powdery notes in the base mellow the composition, keeping it elegant and unique.
The bright elements of this fragrance don’t overrule, and it’s great to see Prada stepping away from the typical citrus fragrance which we often see with a ‘L’Eau’ edition.
A base of salt and musk gently envelop the fragrance, but overall the fragrance sports a fresh aquatic vibe.

Guerlain L’Homme Ideal range is one of my favourite gent’s collections, it’s unique and timeless. I love L’Homme Ideal Cool which is the latest fragrance to be added to the collection, it’s the spring/summer option within the range. It has a really refreshing opening with citrus notes of orange and bergamot which is nicely complemented by equally refreshing, mint.
The signature L’Homme Ideal note of almond sits in the heart of the fragrance, releasing the sweet, unique DNA of the composition. Patchouli and Vetiver add strength to the fragrance, creating a good longevity.[/vc_column_text]

Ultimately it is important that when choosing a new spring fragrance that it gives you an uplifting feeling. Scent can provide you with the fondest memories and often this is a time of year where we are creating some of the best memories. I love it when I associate a smell with a certain memory or time in my life and I love nothing more than smelling a scent and being transported back to a memory. I wore Givenchy’s L’interdit when I went to Venice last year and Prada Candy when I visited New York and now when I smell these fragrances I’m instantly taken back to those times in my life.


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