Valentines: Our Top 4 His & Her Fragrances

Valentines: Our Top 4 His & Her Fragrances

For Valentines this year we’ve put together our selection of the best his and hers scents. Because what can be more romantic than having perfumes that complement each other?

Be the perfect match.


NEW Boss The Scent Le Parfum

Perfect for a passionate couple with a love for spicing things up.

Hugo Boss’ newest edition to their range reimagines their popular original fragrances; Boss The Scent for Him and Boss The Scent for Her.

Boss The Scent Le Parfum His&Her

Forming a more enhanced and potent composition, the new Boss The Scent Le Parfum for Him is complete with the signature Maninka fruit notes, which are paired with spicy ginger. The female version; Boss The Scent Le Parfum For Her, contains vetiver and orange blossom. With the addition of spicy pink pepper notes, a sensual and energised fragrance is created.


Valentino Born In Roma

‘No rules is my rule’

If you’re a couple that likes to share the beauty of individuality and have a free, embracing attitude towards life then these fragrances are for you.

Although released a few years ago, Valentino’s Born in Roma collection is staying at one of the most popular fragrance choices for couples. Other than smelling amazing, the sophisticated Valentino stud bottles sure do look amazing next to each other on the dressing table.

Born In Roma

A modern interpretation of Haute Couture with an edgy touch reminiscent of Rome street culture, Born in Roma Donna is a luxurious feminine, floriental fragrance. The complimentary male version Uomo Born in Roma is a modern aromatic vetiver fragrance. Combining a variety of notes such as aromatic sage and smoked vetiver. Spicy ginger is added to give this scent an unmistakable edge, creating an intensely masculine composition.


JPG Le Beau & La Belle

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Beau and La Belle is ideal for an ultra-sexy and seductive pair. These addictive scents are encased within matching chiselled torso shaped bottles.

La Belle and Le Beau

Bold and exotic, Le Beau is described as a woody, aromatic fragrance but boasts a fresh and powerful punch with Bergamot in the opening of the composition. Complimenting its male counterpart, the luminous and sensual La Belle is described as an oriental, green fragrance that captures you with a juicy burst of fresh Pear in the opening of the composition.


NEW JPG So Scandal & Scandal Pour Homme

Outrageous and scandalous, if you are an extravagant and glamourous couple, these scents are for you!

Although it has not been long since Jean Paul Gaultier has introduced the Scandal Pour Homme, this new scent is addictive and a best seller at our shop. Described as a Woody Oriental fragrance, this outstanding fragrance has a bold, energising contrast. Guaranteed to seduce the senses with its masculinity and sensuality.

Jean Paul Gualtier Scandal Pour Homme & So Scandal

An extension to the popular Scandal range, the Jean Paul Gaultier So Scandal will have you noticed wherever you go with its extravagant and sensual femininity. This floral and fruity Eau de Parfum strikes the senses with bursts of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose, complimented with addictive creamy milky notes.


Written by Megan

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