Happy International Men’s Day 2021

Happy International Men’s Day 2021


Celebrated annually on November the 19th, International Men’s Day is the time to recognize and honour the achievements made by men, and what better way to celebrate than with perfume?

Fragrance is created not only to make you smell good, but it also helps you feel good, embracing creativity, masculinity, sensuality and much more. With so many different perfume choices available now, it can be overwhelming to find a scent that is unique and personal to you. Reading more into the idea behind particular fragrances is very interesting and aids you with finding the perfect scent that embodies who you are, letting the fragrance define the man that you want to be.

Acknowledging International Men’s Day in the way we do best, we have compiled a list of our current top 5 male fragrances that we think celebrate the depth and diversity of men!


Drawing inspiration from the millennial generation, Yves Saint Laurent’s Y fragrance range has been best-selling ever since the first Eau de Toilette release. With the winning woody-aromatic contrasting composition that captures the freshness and strength of the modern man, who strive to carve their own paths in life and follow their passions.  Celebrating differences, Y gives an understanding that no man’s story is the same.

As captured with the stylish, modern bottle design. This Eau de Toilette focuses its inspiration on the iconic fashion house’s white t-shirt and black jacket. Resembling a new, fresh t-shirt, the scent opens with the notes of bergamot, aldehyder and ginger. Contrasted with the aromatic heart of violet leaf, sage and geranium. At the base, the addition of incense, musk and ambergris creates a powerful and masculine finish.



Available to buy in-store and online at Scentstore in a 60ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette.


Launched earlier this year, this is the fragrance for you if you like a unique, explosive combination of masculinity, sensuality and seduction. The famous British hip-hop star Skepta is the muse for this fragrance, who expresses the true traits of the diesel brave man. Sound of the brave is tuned to embody courage, determination and self-confidence.

With the leading motto of the fragrance being that ‘bravery only needs one sound to make a difference’. The interesting combination of music and fragrance creates a perfume like no other, encouraging you to be the voice of your generation. Composed similar to one of Skepta’s hip-hop songs, the woody aromatic scent opens with juniper and lemon essences. Followed by bison grass as the heart of the fragrance. Completing this composition is the notes of musk and ambery wood, finishing the scent with a powerful base.

Diesel Sound of the Brave Eau de Toilette Lifestyle

Available to buy in-store and online at Scentstore in a 50ml and 125ml Eau de Toilette. 


Looking for a fragrance that is strong and striking? After the extreme popularity of Versace Eros, the well-known fashion brand released Versace Eros Flame, which takes an opposing bold and new direction. This Eau de Parfum is composed to symbolise a passionate, strong and self-confident man who is in touch with his emotions. Opening the scent with the refreshing Italian citrus notes lemon, tangerine and orange. Followed by wild rosemary, pepperwood, geranium and rose at the heart. To create the vivacious scent the contrasting notes of cedar, patchouli, tonka bean and vanilla complete the base.

This fragrance is within the same bottle as the previous release, Eros, this time with a red tint to symbolise the spicy ‘flame’ within.

Versace Eros Flame

Available to buy in-store or online at Scentstore in a 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 200ml Eau de Parfum.


This new woody aromatic perfume by Calvin Klein embodies an adventurous, outgoing man who breaks boundaries and explores his authentic truths. The clever combination of notes forms a daring contrast between a fresh and woody scent. Opening with the top notes of crisp bergamot and fresh lavender absolute, the fragrance then develops into the earthy heart note of vetiver oil, symbolising the exploration of the outdoors. Completing the scent is vibrant textural elements combined with amber notes. Forming an alluring, addictive and masculine scent.

Sticking to the modern, minimalistic style of Calvin Klein, the smart-looking bottle features a denim blue textured cap.

Calvin Klein Defy Eau de Toilette 5

Available to buy in-store and online at Scentstore in a 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Toilette.


This fragrance holds a lot of meaning behind it. Representing the king of life, following his own path yet still appreciating his roots and family.

A contrast of modernity and tradition form a charming woody aromatic fragrance. Opening with a fresh explosion of citrus, the top notes consist of blood orange, Sicilian lemon and juniper berries. Warming up, the heart develops the scent with the contrast of amber and clary sage. Finishing the base sensual woody notes of with warm woods, cedarwood and earthy vetiver. The last bold note being of the sweet yet spicy patchouli.

Also, explore the more intense K Eau de Parfum, unveiling the true depths of K Man. The ‘king’ of today is born to wear and own his crown with heart, strength and passion.


Available to buy in-store and online at Scentstore in a 50ml, 100ml and 150ml Eau de Toilette.


Written by Megan

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