Puriskin Face & Body Resurfacing Formula 50ml (Pink Pump)

Puriskin Face & Body Resurfacing Formula 50ml (Pink Pump)


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Puriskin Face & Body Resfuracing Formula.  The goodness of cucumber and Vitamin E wrapped in a potent healing Comfrey and Tigergrass base underpinned with the emollient benefits of Cocoa Butter. Lovingly soothing with the exceptionally calming qualities of cucumber essence Puriskin Resurfacing Formula is a powerfully blended vitamin-stacked PH balancing complex specially formulated for use on even the most sensitive skin. Puriskin has proven effective in clinical practice with a wide range of common conditions and damage ranging from scarring and bruising, to cracked and split skin, razor bumps and burns, contact dermatitis and age spots to stretchmarks. Also in support of BosomBuddies, breast cancer charity – with every purchase, money will help the invaluable work of BosomBuddiesUK.

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
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