Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum


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Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum

The latest release in the La Male fragrance range for 2023 – embark on a scorching journey with Le Male Elixir, the newest addition to the Jean Paul Gaultier collection. This captivating men’s fragrance embraces an irresistible allure that borders on addiction, while the rippling gold of his muscular physique ignites fervent desires. Be cautious of the allure radiating from his sun-kissed copper skin… Resist the temptation to touch, for it will surely leave you scorched! And let’s not forget his translucent brown sailor top, evoking a sensuous amber trail that is so enticing, even a single droplet will intoxicate your senses.

Caressed by his velvety skin, this powerful fragrance sets ablaze the senses, igniting an irresistible sensuality. With a refreshing hint of mint, its lingering trail intensifies addiction, transforming into a scorching elixir. Beneath its invigorating notes, the captivating lavender swiftly expands, exuding a seductive depth accentuated by the aromatic opulence of benzoin, infused with syrupy and vanilla tones. The tonka bean enriches the composition with its warm, smooth nuances, oscillating between honey and tobacco. There you have it, the best new fragrance for men — the irresistible allure has ensnared you completely!

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Elixir Parfum is available in 75ml and 125ml spray.

Like to find out more about this Jean Paul Gaultier men’s perfume? See our Le Male Elixir Review on YouTube.

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