• Gucci Bloom Perfume New Release Gucci Bloom

    Gucci Bloom Perfume Review WOW, what an utterly beautiful fragrance. This fragrance could not be any more feminine if it tried. Certainly different to what I was expecting, however, this fragrance has grown into a supreme love of mine. I love everything about it, from the advertising visuals, to the beautiful pink porcelain looking bottle, [...] Continue Reading
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet collection Marc Jacobs Introduces The Sorbets

    Marc Jacobs is a huge name in the perfume industry. With his feel good perfumes and fab bottles, it’s easy to see why the brand grows year on year. The Daisy collection sits firmly in the best-selling perfumes and everyone loves them. Every year, they bring out limited edition versions in the Spring and this […]

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