• The Best Of delilah Cosmetics

    Delilah Make-Up and Cosmetics Review We welcomed delilah cosmetics to our Truro store almost a year ago, and since then we have been wowed by the delights delilah has to offer. delilah have a capsule collection, containing only the products that most women use in their day to day make-up look, offering women a touch [...] Continue Reading
  • The Perfect Mothers Day Gifts 2018

    Perfume has been the most classic and perfect gift for Mothering Sunday since it began, and rightly so. As much as a beautiful bouquet or a Mothers Day lunch is extremely appreciated, why not go that extra mile and show her how truly special she is with a gift that will make her feel a […]

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  • guerlain shalimar holiday collection Guerlain Shalimar Holiday Collection

    Christmas is by far our favourite time of year here at Scentstore HQ, we love the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, the smell of mulled wine (and of course the taste!) as well as providing people with the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Talking of perfect gifts, Guerlain’s Christmas Collection 2016 is […]

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  • Guerlain Summer collection Guerlain SUMMER COLLECTION 2015

    It’s here and it’s my favourite Guerlain collection, the weather may not have quite reached the Summer mark yet but you can certainly feel a little more upbeat with Guerlain’s latest cosmetic collection. The idea behind this collection is that the brunettes and the blondes are separated (sorry redheads!) – of course you can mix […]

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  • Guerlain Les Tendres Collection Guerlain Les Tendres Spring 2015 Collection

    January, a dull time of year for all and not much to look forward to. Bringing some light in to our lives, Guerlain has launched their Les Tendres Spring Cosmetic Collection and isn’t it lovely. With new powders, mascara, foundation, lipstick and nail varnishes it’s hard not to get excited. Here I run through the […]

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