• Gucci Bloom Perfume New Release Gucci Bloom

    Gucci Bloom Perfume Review WOW, what an utterly beautiful fragrance. This fragrance could not be any more feminine if it tried. Certainly different to what I was expecting, however, this fragrance has grown into a supreme love of mine. I love everything about it, from the advertising visuals, to the beautiful pink porcelain looking bottle, [...] Continue Reading
  • Best Fragrances of 2015 The Best of 2015 – For Her

    Another year gone, can you believe? January not only brings holiday hunting and sales, but lookbacks at what really made 2015 – now, I’m not talking man buns and the #KylieJennerChallenge, but my favourite launches that 2015 brought, and the most talked about.  (starting from top left and going clock-wise) 1. Guerlain Meteorites Oxygen Moisturiser. […]

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