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It’s this time every year that our shop becomes full to the brim with wonderful, (dare I say the C word in October? Yes I do,) Christmas stock! Even the Scentstore offices become more treasure trove than desk-space with each delivery.

Whether you’re buying for someone else or adding to your own wish list, we all know it pays to start shopping early. Unless you are one of those masochists that enjoys the absolute TERROR of panic buying at four in the afternoon on Christmas Eve. You madman, you. Save yourself the high blood pressure – there’s enough of that brought on by the feasting, (predominantly on Twiglets,) and stash a couple of these in your wardrobe as fail-safe luxury gifts. Just don’t do what my mother always used to do and forget about them until New Year’s Day.

The best part is, (drum roll please…) all gift sets are 10% off throughout October!

So get writing that Christmas list. Out of the stacks piled high to the ceiling, I’ve chosen a few favourites. Not that I’m hinting or anything. 1. Elie Saab Le Parfum Intense £59.00

Described as being “nearly narcotic”, Le Parfum Intense is a beautiful floral oriental you could quite happily find yourself addicted to. Capturing the magic moment of dusk, this is the ideal fragrance for feeling elegant throughout autumn and winter. This set contains a 50ml EDP spray and a 10ml Purse Spray, perfect for whisking away with you wherever need to be, be it a meeting at the office or a lavish evening out. Personally I like the miniature because I’m usually running out the front door in such a rush in the mornings I have to apply my make up in the car. Transportable beauty is a must. Besides, just look at the colour of it! It looks like some sort of delicious cakey fondant. Edible. 2. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Absolue£58.00


Golden in colour, this perfume is all about sunset. At the heart of this fragrance is night-blooming jasmine, a precious flower that only opens after dark. A limited edition fragrance created for 2013 only, this special scent is inspired by the ambery light cast by the sun as it descends for the night, blending ylang ylang, precious woods and bourbon vanillla. It is delicious. I have been known to sit with it sprayed on a blotter card in my office, pressing it to my nose now and then, just for the fun of it. In addition to a 50ml EDP bottle, this set comes with a 75ml body lotion, and a 30ml Shower Gel. Perfect for luxurious layering before a night out. 3. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique£49.00


A perfume bottle that will always look fabulous on your dressing table, and will make you fell just as feminine and beautiful as the famed, corseted character, ‘The Girl’ herself. Launched in 1993, this is a perfume to have stood the test of time and always remains sexy and special. Complete with a brand new and very dramatic new TV ad campaign, this set comes with a body lotion and shower gel in addition to a 50ml EDT perfume, ideal for layering one of the best-loved scents of all time.

4. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire 50ml EDP Gift Set £63.00

Shaped with all the finesse of a Guerlain ‘little black dress’, it is chic and bold. Notes of black cherry, licorice, rose and black tea in a legendary heart shaped bottle make it girly, and far from ordinary. Presented in a white box with a touch of glitz and a pink bow to finish, it is pretty as picture, holding a 50ml EDP bottle, and Max Shine Gloss D’Enfer number 463 for a contoured, non-sticky pout. Lip gloss and perfume. What more could a girl need?

This selection lists gift sets at full price. Visit our site for 10% off gift ALL gift sets until October 31st.


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