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Winter may bring cozy nights, Christmas decor, hot chocolates and log fires, but it also brings skin dehydration and chapped lips.
Here at Scentstore, we’re huge fans of Guerlain skincare and the Super Aqua is a great skincare regime suitable for all ages.

‘ Water is a precious resource – a “blue gold” – that is essential to life. However, when polluted, water becomes toxic for humankind, and for the skin. The water circulating in the skin tends to become polluted naturally from within, causing dehydration and wrinkles. Today, Guerlain Research has created Aquacomplex: it purifies cellular water to relaunch hydration flows and restore youthfulness and infuse the skin in active water as pure as morning dew.’

Jodie, our Guerlain consultant is going to tell us how to get the best results from your Super Aqua products.

First up, the Super Aqua toner. Not only does it remove dirt from the skin, it’ll also help you achieve the best from the rest of the Super Aqua products in the range.
Apply morning and/or night with a cotton pad.

Next up, the serum. If you prefer serum to be a little lighter, there is a light option in the Super Aqua serum. Adding hydration to the skin as well as plumping out fine lines and adding radiance (which is needed with all those Christmas parties!) this serum is a must in the cold weather.
There is a nack to getting the full benefits of the serum, in just four steps.
Apply the serum, working along the jaw outwards (from the chin to the earlobes)
Smooth outwards from nose to the temples
Massage the forehead, working outwards
Massage in circular movements from the eyebrows to the nose

The eye serum. This part of the regime is optional, and should only be used by those that want/need to. Whilst apply, again follow these steps to get the best results.
Dab the serum onto the upper and lower lid of each eye
Smooth the temple towards the inner corner of the eye and vice versa
Draw circles over your temples and between your eyes. Finish each circle by applying pressure
 pply relaxing pressure with the palms of your hands over closed eyes. Breathe in and out.

The day cream. To really hydrate your skin, it’s best to use the day cream (or gel, dependent on the one you prefer the feel of) after your serum and before your make-up application.
Apply in circular motions, working outwards from the centre of the face and on the neck.

The night balm. Hydration for your skin whilst you sleep! Fab.
Apply in the evening after cleansing working outwards in circular motions, and don’t forget the neck.

And hooray! Your Super Aqua regime daily routine is set, your skin will be tip top in no time.

Once/twice a week, if your skin needs it, use the Super Aqua mask for intense hydration and radiance, just pop it on the face and neck, leave for ten minutes and wash away.

Tried it? Let me know! As Scentstore’s Guerlain consultant, I’m here to help! Ask any questions below or tweet us at @scentstore




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