Guerlain My Super Tips

One problem, one solution.

If, like me, you were absolutely gutted to hear that Midnight Secret, Creme SOS and lip balm was discontinued, don’t panic, I bring you fantastic news!

Latest to join the Guerlain skincare range is My Super Tips with five 15ml essentials for everyday skin problems.

These fabulous tubes come brightly coloured and small enough for travel – they are also only £20! Amazing value for such a great brand.

What’s what? How will they help my skin? Questions covered! Keep reading…

Midnight Secret

Rough night? Don’t panic, Midnight Secret is back in a little tube perfect for travel. Described as sleep in a bottle, this really is a must have. You might not catch me drink WKD’s in a club every weekend (thank god) any more but inevitably there is still times lack of sleep catches up with me and I need to reach for the Midnight Secret. Simply apply Midnight Secret at night (or morning if’s a late one!) and (try) to get your head down. Wake up and bravo, your skin looks like you got the full 8 hours needed.

Warning – It is recommended not to use this product more than 3 times a week.

 Super Lips

Dry, cracked lips? New Super Lips is described as a lip hero and with the bipolar weather we seem to get – we definitely need one of those! Whether you’re pouting for selfies, or watching Neflix, your lips need to keep hydrated especially if you want your lippie to look it’s best. Simply apply when it’s needed (or when remembered!) for soft and plumped lips. All thanks to the added grapeseed extract.



Last minute night out? We’ve got it covered, with a totally new edition to Guerlain’s collection, Radiance in a Flash – which is just what it says. Tightening the skin and illuminating the skin, this will take your look from casual day – to a night out look in just 60 seconds (well, however long it takes you to apply!)

Stop Spot

Panic zit? Stop spot contains camphor, so really works magic on that unwanted spot, as well as being thick enough and slightly tinted to cover it whilst it’s being treated. Panic over! Phew. 

Creme SOS

Burn? Irritated skin? Designed to soothe and comfort the skin as well as moisturising it, this Creme SOS is suitable for even (most!) sensitive skin. Use it daily by applying to the face morning and night, or just dab it on the irritated skin. It’s a little tube of magic I couldn’t live without. Sunburn, rash, bite – you name it, it helps. 





Anything else you want to know about Guerlain’s newest edition to the skincare range? Grab these online here:

Guerlain Super Tips Skincare Heroes

or find them in store by our Guerlain stand.

What do you think? I love these essentials and can’t decide which one I need most!



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