GUERLAIN Rouge G Luxurious Velvet

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The GUERLAIN Rouge G Luxurious Velvet lipstick collection is a testament to the brand’s legacy of opulence and elegance. Founded in 1828, GUERLAIN has a storied history of creating exquisite beauty products that cater to the desires of sophisticated women. This collection encapsulates the brand’s commitment to luxury, offering a range of high-quality lipsticks plus beautifully crafted cases.

The lipstick cases are not just containers but works of art themselves, customisable to reflect your individual style. These exclusive cosmetic additions merge fashion with function, presenting a mirror and refillable lipstick in a sleek, designer case.

Beyond aesthetics, GUERLAIN’s lipstick collection offers exceptional benefits. The Luxurious Velvet formula provides rich, long-lasting colour with a comfortable, velvety texture. It ensures a flawless finish and intense pigmentation, making it the perfect choice for those who seek both beauty and performance. Elevate your beauty routine with GUERLAIN Rouge G Luxurious Velvet lipsticks, a blend of history, artistry, and modern sophistication.

Available to buy from an Authorised GUERLAIN UK Perfumery – SCENTSTORE

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