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Hollister Fragrance & Aftershave

Hollister, known for its quintessential California style, ventured into the fragrance world to capture the essence of the coastal lifestyle for men. With a brand history rooted in surf culture, it’s no surprise that their fragrances for men exude a sense of adventure and youthful spirit.

Wave for Him, one of Hollister’s signature scents, encapsulates the refreshing ocean breeze and sun-soaked beaches. Festival Night offers a more intense, captivating aroma designed for nights filled with energy and excitement. Vibes for Him, on the other hand, provides a laid-back, carefree scent, perfect for those casual days by the sea.

Building on the Canyon range, Hollister introduced Canyon Sky for Him, an exhilarating fragrance that embodies the rugged beauty of the great outdoors. With each spritz, it transports you to the breathtaking vistas of the California canyons, echoing the brand’s affinity for nature.

Hollister’s fragrances for men are a sensory journey through the brand’s heritage, capturing the freedom, freshness, and vitality of the coastal lifestyle that has made them an iconic part of the California dream.

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