Inside My Beauty Bag – Banishing The Winter Worries

The colder months are here! Whilst this might mean great things like hot chocolates, fires and non-guilty duvet days, it also means that things like our skin and lips need a little extra loving. Here are some of my favourites and must-haves to keep you looking and smelling your best this side of Christmas.If you look good, you feel good and that’s important, especially when you’re layering your clothes to fight the cold. 


Midnight Secret – This little gem is a must-have in my beauty bag, although it’s not recommended you use this for more than 3 nights a week, it really is sleep in a bottle. Simply apply three drops before you (finally) get to bed and wake up to a radiant fatigueless face.

Guerlain Midnight Secret

Nail Envy – Whether you’re hitting on a keyboard all day or working in a shop, it’s the long winter months that leave our nails looking and feeling a little bit poor. The original Nail Envy treatment from OPI is a 6 week treatment to get that much needed Calcium back in to your nails. You can use lacquer on top too, so there is no need to sacrifice the glam nail looks.

Nail Envy Original

KissKiss Roselip – New to the Guerlain range, the KissKiss Roselip has quickly become an essential amongst my beauty products. Infused with Rose essential oil, this lip balm is hydrating and plumping. It comes in 6 different colours, Guerlain’s tinted lip balm is a must to banish cracks and have effortless subtle colour. My personal fave colour is R329 Crazy Bouquet, a gorgeous red.

KissKiss RoseLip

Super Aqua Serum – There is a reason one of these sells worldwide every 5 minutes, and that’s because it’s the ultimate pure hydration for your skin. If your skin is looking dry and isn’t usually, it could be lacking that much needed H2O. Super Aqua serum, to be used alone or under make-up morning and night leaves skin smoothed and recovers its radiance, freshness and plumpness.

Super Aqua Serum

Ariana Grande Perfume – I’ve come to embrace my latest selected fragrance after getting over the shame of liking a teen popstar’s scent, it’s fab and the bottle is cute too (I may have used the pompom as a keyring…). It’s sparkling and fruity, whilst not too offensive. With notes of Raspberry, Vanilla Orchid and Marshmallow, it’s certainly a scent for those that like fruity florals. The hair mist is great too, leaving a trail of yummy scent behind you as the wind blows through your hair.

Ari by Ariana Grande

Les Voilettes Powder Compact – Powder is an essential in most people’s beauty or handbag and it’s definitely a must in mine throughout the cold months, especially with unexpected English rain washing it off. I use Les Voilettes as I prefer a matte finish; it is super fine and doesn’t leave that powdery look. Other colours are available if you’re not quite as pale as me!

 Les Voilettes Powder Compact

Do you have any tips or beauty must-haves? Let me know in the comments below.


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One reply on “Inside My Beauty Bag – Banishing The Winter Worries

  • Jen

    I absolutely love the Super Aqua serum! I’ve had nothing but compliments on how healthy my skin looks since using it! I think I’ll have to give some of these a look into now! Thanks 🙂


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