Find the Right Christmas Fragrance Sets for Loved Ones

Find the Right Christmas Fragrance Sets for Loved Ones

Perfume is a perfect and particularly thoughtful Christmas gift but finding something to suit everyone isn’t always as easy as you’d think. Searching for Christmas fragrance gift sets online is definitely a good place to start but how do you decide which scent or gift set is best?

Gifts should be about the recipient, so finding the right scent or Christmas perfume gift set relies upon you knowing them quite well. Here we’ve got some basic tips to help ensure you make the right choice. We hope to answer the question ‘How do I choose a fragrance for someone else?’ and make it easy for you to find the right scent to give this Christmas.

Find Out What They Wear

Buying a fragrance for someone should begin with understanding and recognising their tastes. If you can have a look at their perfume collection that’s perfect but if not, ask. While you probably don’t want to just buy their favourite scent, it allows you to do a bit of research and choose another scent in the same family. They might prefer citrus scents over floral or woody over musk, and one way to find this out and not give it away that you’re planning on buying perfume is to do some research on their favourite scents.

Born in Roma Donna by Valentino is a strong floral scent for example, while Fame by Paco Rabanne is a richer, deeper and more intense option.

Match their Personality

When buying women’s perfume or men’s aftershave for someone you know well, you can get a little playful and choose a scent that matches them. Common pitfalls to remember include buying a strong statement scent for someone who usually wears a subtler choice. Extroverted personalities are usually much more suited to oriental scents with woody and spicy gourmand fragrances. More introverted souls may prefer a lighter scent, with gentle floral notes and fresh citrus.

VIKTOR&ROLF bestseller Flowerbomb is an explosion of floral fragrances, immediately making a statement while diamond-bright Lady Million by Rabanne offers something more seductive ending in woody warmth.


Christmas Fragrance Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones

Many of the most recognisable brands and popular fragrance houses bring out exclusive gift sets for the festive season. You will also find gift sets with small samples of different scents, ideal if you want to give a loved one different options to choose from. Perfumes remain one of the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts for Christmas, just ensure you spend some time considering the individual you’re buying for and choose a fragrance that suits them.

Written by Loren (Social Media Marketing & Content Editor)

Written by Loren

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