Vera Wang’s BE JEWELED


For all you Facebookers, we know exactly what will spring to mind – the addictive, competitive game many have played. Although the fragrance and the game have no link – we certainly think the fragrance is just as addictive!

Notes?  Top Notes:Pomegranate, Red Currant, Champagne (Fancy!)
Middle Notes: Passionfruit, Honeysuckle, Pink Peony.
Base Notes: Sugar, Musk & Australian Sandalwood.

The aim of this fragrance was to be like the most precious piece of jewellery, to accentuate irresistible charm, whilst adding a dose of glamour.
For all women who love fashion, glamourous outings & luxurious items.

My opinion – Although Vera Wang’s perfumes are very pleasant, perfume is a very personal item for a woman’s dressing table (If you’re lucky enough to own one!) – so I have never been struck on the other fragrances in Vera Wang’s fragrance line. I didn’t want to like this one – as I love unusual fragrances, but on first smell it was so intriguing! It lasted great on me and although I wasn’t a fan on the bottle design on first glance – It’s definitely growing on me.

Summary of the fragrance: On opening, there is a burst of Red Currant, aswell as almost being able to smell the ‘sparkle’ of the champagne. As it settles down – the fruits are prominant & gorgeous, with the sugar giving it the little kick it needs to increase the sillage (the distance in which the smell travels). In my experience, if a fragrance has musk, vanilla, sandalwood, etc it helps the fragrance last & this fragrance really did on me. After about half an hour of wearing the fragrance, the Honeysuckle seeps through, making the fruity fragrance abit warmer – adapting to the skin. This fragrance is an Eau De Parfum too (For those that aren’t aware: Eau De Toilette will usually last about 2-4 hours & Eau De Parfum 4-6, although these are averages)

Prices start from £33.50. Available in store now & will be online Friday, although preorders can be taken via phone at 01872 263663.


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