Step into Spring! Discover our top 5 go-to fragrances this season!

Step into Spring!

Discover our top 5 go-to fragrances this season!


Spring is now in full swing and the sun is starting to make an appearance! It’s time to swap your warm, comforting Winter fragrances for your favourite Spring-Summer go-to’s! Need a little inspiration? We’ve got you covered, with our top 5 Spring favourites; guaranteed to put the Spring back in your step!


Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum


One of my personal favourites for Spring, Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum is the perfect feminine fragrance this time of year. With the most prominent note of Rhubarb shining through, it is a fun and playful fruity-floral scent that simply puts you in that feel-good mood.

Opening with top notes of soft Rhubarb and fresh Daffodil, the heart delves into smooth Almond Milk before the base echoes elegant Cashmeran.

The name Perfect is inspired by Marc Jacobs’ mantra ‘I am perfect as I am’ and for those with an eye for detail, this is also symbolised by a tattoo on his wrist. The lid of the fragrance is also a collection of charms hand-picked by Marc Jacobs, representing different elements of his style and fashion.

 Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum

Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Parfum is available in 3 sizes; 30ml, 50ml & 100ml. It is also currently available in both a 50ml & 100ml giftset!

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Wanting something similar but with a little more freshness? Try the NEW Marc Jacobs Perfect Eau de Toilette, for a more aqua-fresh fruity-floral feel. Although an Eau de Toilette, this fragrance has brilliant longevity and projection.


Valentino Donna Born In Roma

Coral Fantasy Eau de Parfum


Launching last year, the duo Valentino Born In Roma Coral Fantasy fragrances have become best-sellers here at Scentstore and a favourite amongst the Born In Roma collection. Valentino Donna Born In Roma Coral Fantasy, in particular, is one we always show customers looking for their signature Spring scent; not overly sweet and with a subtle fruity character. 

Upon spraying, bursts of juicy Orange and radiate Kiwi fill the senses, leading to a sensual floral bouquet of Indian Jasmine and Rose. Warming, soft notes of Musk and Ambrette Seeds blend with the Jasmine before settling onto the skin.

Coral Fantasy is inspired by the eternal city of Rome at sunset when coral tones fill the sky and cascade the buildings, encouraging you to come to life!

Valentino Donna Born In Roma Coral Fantasy Eau de Parfum

This fragrance is available in 3 sizes; 30ml, 50ml & 100ml. 

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Prefer a less fruity fragrance for Spring? Valentino Donna Born In Roma Yellow Dream is a fresh-floral scent boasting notes of zesty Italian Lemon and regal Damascan Rose, with a musky dry-down!


Intito Parfums Prive Musk Therapy

Extrait de Parfum


Another of my favourites to wear when the sun is shining is by one of our niche, luxury brands here at Scentstore; Initio Parfums Prive Musky Therapy! A part of Initio’s hedonist collection, this scent is the perfect mood booster, which is exactly why it makes the ideal choice to enter the Spring-Summer months.

A rotating sphere of tones and accords, this fragrance celebrates 2 forms of musk; Pink and White, alongside fresh citruses (Bergamot and Mandarin), delicate White Magnolia, juicy Blackcurrant and creamy, luxurious White Sandalwood.

Initio Parfums Prives Musk Therapy

Musk Therapy is marketed to all genders, focusing on the emotion, feel and quality of the scent!

It is also available in one size; 90ml Extrait de Parfum.

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Interested to find out more about Initio Parfums Prive? Head over to our brand page and find your luxury signature!


Paco Rabanne Phantom Eau de Toilette


A fragrance that has captured the world’s attention since its launch in 2021, is Paco Rabanne Phantom Eau de Toilette. If not by name, you almost certainly have seen or heard of the iconic, futuristic robot bottle fragrance! Although released towards the end of Summer, this scent is definitely an all-year-round option and the fresh, aromatic blend of notes makes it a brilliant choice for the Spring Season.

Phantom opens with an addictive, energetic blend of Lavender and Lemon, followed by crips Apple, extra Lavender, rich Patchouli and an intriguing Smoke note. The base reveals a composition of smooth Vanilla, woody Vetiver and an extra dose of Lavender.

This Eau de Toilette invites you to ‘step outside the ordinary and celebrate life’, inspired by self-confidence and the ethos to be whoever you want to be, no compromise!


 Phantom is available in 3 sizes; 50ml, 100ml & 150ml.

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What makes this fragrance stand out even more? It is a fragrance for the future, responsibly formulated and refillable! Yes, both the 100ml and 150ml sizes can be refilled at home, with the purchase of a 200ml refill bottle.


Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Eau de Toilette


An absolute classic, this lemony fresh scent is the perfect go-to fragrance for Spring and Summer! Zesty yet earthy, Acqua Di Gio continues to be an extremely popular choice for men, reached for by many customers when the sun begins to shine. It is also a favourite everyday scent, work scent and gym scent!

Citrusy bursts fill the air, with top notes of Green Tangerine, Lemon and Lime, complimented by fresh Neroli and sensual Jasmine. The heart then opens up as spicy notes of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Persimmon are revealed before an earthy, rich base of Patchouli, Amber, Oakmoss and Cedar settles onto the skin.


Acqua Di Gio EDT

Acqua Di Gio Eau de Toilette is an aqua-aromatic fragrance, available in 3 sizes; 30ml, 50ml & 100ml. 

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But wait there’s more. Acqua Di Gio is actually a collection of 5 fragrances, so if you’re looking for a fresh scent that is more intense or woodier than the Eau de Toilette original, then you’ll definitely find the right match for you in this range!




Still unsure if you’ve found your new Spring Signature? Don’t worry, we over 100 brands here at Scentstore and specially trainined we’re here to help you find your perfect fragrance fit! Pop into store for a consultation or browse our website, our staff are available through our webchat service, to help guide you in the right direct.


Written by Loren (Social Media Marketing Team)


Written by Loren

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