Prada Candy Florale *NEW*

Who can resist a fragrance that's good enough to eat? Not me, for one.


Prada Candy first hit fragrance counters in 2011 and with it’s quirky scent and cute little bottle it was bound to be a success. The notes include Musk, Benzoin and Caramel – Yum! You can get this Eau De Parfum Spray by clicking on the photo below. Body products are also available.

Prada Candy L’Eau, the second fragrance in the Candy range, hit shelves in 2013. Keeping the quirky style of the original Prada Candy bottle, this Eau De Toilette Spray has the same notes too – with added Citrus Notes and Sweet Pea.


Last, but certainly not least is the new Prada Candy Florale. Again, Prada have decided to keep the same distinct bottle design, with a delightful change of colour. This Eau De Toilette keeps the classic notes of Caramel, Musk and Benzoin in the base of the fragrance, with added Honey. The other two notes used in the fragrance are Peony and Limoncello.

Prada Candy Florale


I have to say I love the Prada Candy range and with the L’eau being my favourite since launch – the Florale has definitely topped that. It’s perfect for spring and I love the idea behind the making of this fragrance, which was inspired by an imaginary flower that smells like candy or a bouquet of flowers standing on the counter of an ice cream shop in Italy. I may be bias having just visited the beautiful city of Rome and tasted the delicious ice cream they have to offer, but this one is certainly in my favourite floral fragrances this year.

These scrummy fragrances are available in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml sprays and the strength will depend on which one you choose (Tough choice!). The Prada Candy body products can be used with all three fragrances, but remember, if you're using the body cream or lotion, to put it on after your fragrance to lock in that lovely smell. Free samples are available in store.


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