One Direction Our Moment EDP

Ahh, smell it and swoon girls, for the One Direction fragrance, Our Moment has arrived. No, it doesn’t smell of Harry Styles glossy locks and the little blonde guy’s desperate tears of frustration at being the slightly rubbish one, this perfume is your classic fruity floral. And boy is it popular.

One Direction perfume

I cannot write about One Direction without mentioning the swathes of unadulterated, unrelenting hyperbole that seem to accompany their every hair flick and brooding stare into a camera lens. You probably heard about the Channel 4 documentary on the genuinely fascinating strain of crazy that afflicts their fans and hopefully you have all enjoyed this genius Twitter account – but before you bludgeon your way into my office to hit me with big sticks, I have something to confess.


I feel it too ladies. I’m with you.


Though I find it painfully difficult to admit it, I’m terribly fond of the little chaps in chinos. I was there, when it all began on that series of X Factor, whatever year it was. I watched Harry cry on that show, every week, and I do indeed still fancy him. Even with that colletion of tiny terrible tattoos and dodgy choice in girlfriends. In essence, I have become my mother. The way she used to coo over Westlife, I now imitate when I least expect it. I bop along to their songs whilst driving, being very careful to adjust the volume when passing other humans with the window rolled down. They are, to use my mother’s preferred title, oft uttered in hushed, loving tones, “My Boys”.


There you have it readers. My secret shame.


Whether you’re a closet Directioner or you were queuing outside Harrods You can PRE-ORDER HERE!

One Direction Our Moment will hit our shelves on September 9th. Available in 30ml EDP £19.99, 50ml EDP £28.50, and 100ml EDP £38.50



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One reply on “One Direction Our Moment EDP

  • Hannah

    So glad it’s not just me! I gave up trying to keep my love for 1D a secret some time ago though. Can’t wait to go and see the movie too 😉 xx


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