Nina Ricci Bella Perfume Review

Nina Ricci Bella Perfume Review


Wow! What a beautiful bottle and fragrance!

Nina Ricci has launched a new fragrance to go with their ‘Les Bella de Nina’ collection. A collection which is inspired my Girl Power! ‘Nina‘, which started the collection back in 2006, is one of those fragrances that everyone knows and loves. The beautiful apple shape bottle which TV advert is always on around Christmas time. Well, I think so anyway, is a favourite for everyone.


Then we saw the launch of ‘Luna‘ in 2016. A sweetened floral fragrance, still in the signature apple shape bottle, but this time coloured blue, decorated with gold leaves and black leather around the neck. Now, 2 years on, we see the launch of ‘Bella‘ to complete the collection, and they do look beautiful all together. Perfect to sit on your dressing table!


Bella again is keeping with the signature apple shape bottle, coloured emerald green, and the gold leaves which we saw on Luna. Added feature this time round is the cute little ladybird on one of the leaves, which completes the bottle and is personally my favourite out of the three.


How does it smell? Well, your top notes are rhubarb and green mandarin, and its the rhubarb you get an instant hit off, which is one of the dominate notes in this fragrance, as well as rose and rose jelly which is at the heart of the fragrance, with freesia. Lastly you have vanilla and white musk at the base, which is the same for all three fragrances.


This fragrances comes in a 30ml, 50ml, and 80ml eau de toilette. With the romantic Nina, mysterious Luna and now rebellious Bella, you choose which is your favourite.

Also for purchases of the 50ml & 80ml there is a Free Large Denim Purse available (limited stock so be fast!).


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