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Phenomenal perfume creators Mugler have just released their newest fragrance and it truly feels like summer is on its way. Limited Edition Angel Iced Star Eau de Toilette transports you to an exotic frozen universe where hot and cold collide in a perfect contrast of sweet freshness.

Let Angel Iced Star transport you to an extraordinary destination and experience the pure feeling of pleasure. Fruity, gourmand tones burst with every spray, delighting and thrilling the senses. Unlike anything we have seen from Mugler before, this exquisite fragrance boasts incredible freshness in a brand-new olfactory experience.

Mugler Angel Iced Star Lifestyle

The Fragrance

In striking contrast to the original Angel launched in 1992, Angel Iced Star has boldly minimised the notes within Angel, taking but only a few to create this new euphoric blend that is immediately irresistible.

A Fruity Oriental Eau de Toilette that explores the infinite subtlety of a cooling tropical composition.

Explore the fresh notes of Coconut Water and energetic, juicy Pineapple against the famous gourmand Praline and deep Patchouli so well-known in Angel.

Mugler Angel Iced Star Notes

The Bottle

This enchanting elixir is displayed within the iconic Angel star bottle with a multi-coloured twist, like the sun reflecting off a glacier. A pure icy crystal, glimmering as green, pink and blue dance across the glass.

The box; following the same purple hue of the classic Angel, but this time with a bold blue frame accentuating the title.

Available in a 50ml Eau de Toilette spray.

Embodying the most desirable woman, Angel Iced Star is a sensual, playful fragrance marking the first glimpse of summer.

An exciting, warming, adventurous summer.


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