Marc Jacobs HONEY

The newest edition to the ever-growing Marc Jacobs collection, HONEY is set to take the Perfume World by storm. So let’s start with the key facts of the fragrance:

Who created the fragrance?
Honey was created by perfumers Annie Buzantian and Ann Gottlieb
(previous creaters of Marc Jacobs DOT & Ann Gottlieb was also one of the noses behind Oh, Lola!)

What are the notes in this fragrance?
The top notes in this fragrance are: Pear, Mandarin Orange & Punch.
The middle notes are: Honeysuckle, Orange Blossom & Peach. The base notes are: Honey, Vanilla & Woodsy Notes.

How much does it cost?
This EDP is just £48.50 for a 50ml & £66 for a 100ml.

What do I think?
Marc Jacob’s fragrances will always be a success – not only for the fabulous bottle designs (perfect for collectors) but also for their ‘feel good’ smell one the whole as a brand. We’d all love a Marc Jacobs handbag, or sunglasses, but it’s not at reach for all of society – the affordable perfume range makes us feel at least a little bit ‘designer’.

My opinion on HONEY:  Another great ‘Feel Good’ fragrance from Marc Jacobs, perfect for the summer we’re all longing for. The fragrance opens as fruity floral and almost immediately I can smell the Punch. With a mix of the Peach, Pear & Mandarin Orange, it makes this fragrance almost good enough to eat (Although, I wouldn’t recommend that!). As the fragrance settles on the skin, the Vanilla and Honey start to seep through, but aren’t overpowering. They develop into a very subtle warm fragrance, living up to the ‘Honey’ name with a slight fruity kick.


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