Joop! Miss Wild

“Are you wild at heart?”

The concept behind this one is rather fun. It’s about the good girl gone bad, though maybe not as bad as Rihanna. We’ll leave braless outfits and barrage of racy Instagram photos to the pro. This is more along the lines of writing messages on mirrors in lipstick and dying your hair a shade or two darker.

Nevertheless, it’s fun because we’ve all been there. Everyone’s spotted the dangerous, tattooed bad boy, leaning on walls in leather jackets, that sort of thing. Men want to be him; ladies want to be with him. Sigh. In the real world, he’s probably not very nice and can’t spell, (serious turnoff,) but in Joop! world, he is the rebellious love it feels so good to be bad with.

Joop! Homme Wild is about a man who lives on the edge and has an irresistibly rebellious nature. Miss Wild is all about being swept up in his arms. The bottle is a “darling” pink shade… with skulls on it, and even they are in love, with hearts for eyes. Aren’t they painting a subtle picture for us?


The fragrance is reminiscent of a fruity autumnal cocktail, the kind you’d be sipping when you spot Mr Wild getting into a fight outside a nice bar, perhaps. Top notes of pink berries and mandarin kick things off, followed by orange and vanilla flowers, with a base of ambered rum. Delicious. Not to mention, you can layer the fragrance for longer lasting intoxication with a free Miss Wild Body Lotion should you be wise enough to buy a 50ml or larger.

Joop! Miss Wild will be on our counters from September 18th, in the following sizes: 30ml EDP £28.50, 50ml EDP £40.00, 75ml EDP £49.50.

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