Jimmy Choo Blossom

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Jimmy Choo was new to the fragrance scene just a few years ago and now it sits firmly in one of the best-selling ladies perfumes year on year, as well as launching a great gents aftershave last year. This year brings a new Jimmy Choo perfume and it certainly lives up to the sweet name the other fragrances hold.

The bottle keeps the same design as the Jimmy Choo Flash launched in 2013, which was designed to accentuate light, only this one comes younger and brighter! A bright, fuchsia pink this one is bound to make your friend’s glance twice at your dressing table.  The idea behind the fragrance is to resemble the first sip of a cocktail, aimed at young party girls.


The notes in this perfume are: White Musk and Sandalwood in the base, Sweet Pea and Rose in the heart and Raspberry, Red Berries and Citruses as the top notes of the fragrance. Yum! The real test of a perfume is how long it lasts, the good news – This one really does last and settled lovely on my skin until the end of the day (I sprayed it on at 9.45am!)

At 22, I can say this perfume was aimed at my age group and I really do love this one. Although the box wasn’t my thing (that gets thrown away!), the bottle is unique inside and the fragrance is like a sweet cocktail. The main note that jumps out at me with this fragrance is Raspberry mixed with Red Berries, whilst the warm down lets the Sandalwood seep through slightly, helping the perfumes longevity. The Sweet Pea in the fragrance is more of a subtle note, although it makes the Raspberry that little bit sweeter. Whilst trialing the perfume this week, a few of my friend’s have been nagging me for a squirt – so I say this one is a success!

I find the visual of this product really lovely (find it at the top of this post). With Spring/Summer colours, it really makes me feel like there is hope and this cold will soon go away! Of course they had to put a focus of one of the most well-known shoe brands around, which are absolutely stunning – but a little more costly then the fragrance!

That’s not all, we’ll be holding a competition (exciting!) to win a 100ml bottle of Jimmy Choo’s latest perfume, with a blog post to follow – keep your eyes peeled to find out how!
There will also be a runner up prize of a 40ml spray.


If you’re wanting to shop the fragrance, you can find it here: Jimmy Choo Blossom


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