Jean Paul Gaultier ‘On the Docks’ Limited Edition

If you love Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances as much as we do, we have some very exciting news for you. We are now stocking new limited edition bottles of Le Male and Classique, just as they launch a shiny new and very dramatic ad campaign!



The latest episode in the saga of The Girl and The Sailor Guy sees the statuesque pair reunited in rather a novel manner. You’ll see what I mean soon enough. This highly stylish, raunchy pair aren’t usually the type you’d see coordinating their outfits. You’d never catch them in matching fleeces on walking holidays in the Lake District, for example. This new campaign sees The Girl, striking brunette model Rianne ten Haken, strap herself into the remarkably beautiful, iconic corset, whilst her lover, played by Jarrod Scott, (quite the adonis, my friends,) throws on a t-shirt, donning his usual frosty blue stripes.


These limited edition bottles however, mark a change in the relationship. This time, in midnight blue Le Male shares a single style code with his lady, Classique, and both appear in sailor’s jerseys with cute corresponding sailor tattoos.


These have got to be the best yet, don’t you think?

As if you weren’t tempted enough already, with the purchase of any On the Docks limited edition bottle of fragrance, we’re giving away a free gift. Boys, you get to play sailor with this drawstring Sailor Bag, and girls, store your make up, nail polish and secret treasures away in this beautiful Breton Vanity Case.

If you’re just dying to see the next chapter of your favourite couple in fragrance, have a peek at this teaser trailer






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