Estee Lauder: Behind Every Fragrance Is A Story

A brand that embraces the true symbol of the leading woman, the woman who chooses her own path; be it love, freedom, inspiration, seduction or following one’s dreams. Each fragrance is created from the strength of Estée Lauder herself, encouraging each woman to be the leader of her own story. This is something that truly intrigues me about Estée Lauder fragrances, each time I discover the backdrop of another of her scents I am taken through time to where it all began, when the fragrance was but yet a thought, an action and a feeling.

Travel with me, as I encapsulate you in my favourite stories and inspirations from a few of Estée Lauders iconic releases.

In the 1950’s an aspirational Estée Lauder was turned away from a French department store, being told they would never sell an American’s fragrance. But not one to take no for an answer, Mrs Lauder simply dropped a bottle of Youth Dew on the store floor. After flocks of women surrounded her, asking where they could purchase this abundantly spicy-floral oriental fragrance, she simply said “Ask the store manager’.

“No one ever became a success without taking chances… One must be able to recognise the moment and seize it without delay.” – Estée Lauder

Youth Dew, holding prominent notes of Rose, Jasmine and Vetiver, was originally marketed and sold as a bath oil in 1953, a time where fragrance was only brought by a husband for their wife. Mrs Lauder, ever a marketing genius, wanted women to take the power into their own hands therefore sold Youth Dew as a bath oil, with every intention and knowing that it would also be used as a fragrance.

Estee Eau de Parfum

A short but mesmerising tale behind Estée Lauder’s Estée. The year is 1968, and we join Mrs. Lauder as her second perfume is envisioned while at a party. As she catches the light of two crystal chandeliers sparkling within a shimmering glass of Champagne, she thought how magical this would be captured inside a fragrance.

Embrace the distinctive notes of Jasmine, Rose and Ylang-Ylang creating a delicate yet sparkling blend.

We now travel forward to 1985, when the launch of Beautiful graced the streets of New York City. Literally! Estée Lauder marched an entire wedding party down 5th Avenue, leading them directly into Saks Fifth Avenue to launch her new creation. Defying all the trends of the time, when Oriental fragrance was most dominating, Beautiful made a bold, dramatic mark in 1980s perfumery.

With the essence of a thousand flowers, Beautiful replicated a bride’s bouquet on her wedding day. The name drawing inspiration from the first words spoken by many as they smelled the fragrance for the first time. Mrs Lauder wanted every woman to feel the most beautiful woman in the room. Most noticeable on the skin are notes of Rose, Tuberose, Jasmine and Orange Blossom, all complimented by bright citrus and warm woods.

Branches of Estée Lauder’s most icon scent have graced the collection in recent years, such as Beautiful Belle(2018). An oriental twist on the floral original, bursting with the excitement of romance, inspired by the modern bride experiencing the thrilling journey of love.

Following in the foot steps of Mrs. Lauder to this day, more recent additions to the Estée Lauder brand still embody the the same importance within their fragrances; how it will make a woman feel!

In 2013, Modern Muse graced our presence with the intention to make women feel confident, independent and inspiring. Now at a time where a woman’s independence is normalised and strived for, the fragrance itself echoes. Without speaking a word Modern Muse inspires all for you. A scent created to express strength, complexity in mind and personality and ownership of sensuality.

As fascinating as the women who inspire it, this fragrance was created with two very opposite yet prominent accords; vibrant Jasmine and Sleek Woods. These both complimented by Honeysuckle Nectar, Patchouli, Amber and Madagascan Vanilla. Women are invited to be the hero of their own story, to take power and follow their own instinct wherever their creative energy may take them. It is no wonder that Modern Muse went on to win the title of Fragrance of the Year for Women’s Prestige in 2014.

We then bare witness to the evolution of Modern Muse as additional releases are welcomed to the collection, such as Modern Muse Le Rouge (2015). Inspired by a woman who’s path is daring, glamorous and sophisticated. She is sexy and provocative, embodying her fearlessness and forever inspiring those she meets. Her mantra; to never go unnoticed.

To this day Estée Lauder continues to be an inspiration. I truly love travelling through time whenever I smell one of her fragrances and am so exciting to welcome them to the family, here at Scentstore. Not one to shy from what she wanted, Mrs Lauder was aspirational, determined and hard-working, three very key things in following your dreams and success.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” —Estée Lauder

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