Diesel Loverdose Tattoo

“I Will Tattoo Your Heart”


Much like a tattoo, this perfume is to be worn with confidence. A floral oriental with some wonderfully named notes, my favourite being “Tonka bean” – just say it out loud to yourself, I promise you will enjoy it – Loverdose Tattoo combines white flowers (orange blossom and sambac jasmine,) with blackcurrant buds for invigorating fruitiness, with warm, soft notes of rice steam and vanilla.

Its predecessor, Loverdose, was comprised of two things I hate; star anise and liquorice. Two varieties in fact, though sadly not the fruity, fizzy stuff, I can cope with that kind. They must have done their market research, but I assumed liqourice was one of those Marmite-y things that you love or despise – more fool me. Also thrown in is ambrox, which sounds like perfume MSG. Suspicious flavour enhancer apparently in everything.

Preferable by far then, is this incarnation. In a heart shaped bottle of cut, black glass, this is going to look good on your dressing table. The counterpart to Only the Brave Tattoo, this fragrance is about being wild, independent, and wearing your heart on your sleeve.


Available from September 18th the following sizes: 30ml £29.00, 50ml £39.00, 75ml £49.00


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