Cartier Carat Review

Cartier Carat Perfume Review


I feel that Cartier never disappoint when it comes to fragrance, they combine the perfect mixture of timelessness, elegance and femininity into every creation and the NEW Cartier Carat is no exception to this!


Being 26 I often feel as though I’m expected to enjoy the more commercial, run of the mill fragrances, however having worked within the fragrance industry for 6 years I feel I truly do appreciate fragrance for what it is and also understand that you truly do get what you pay for in this section of the beauty industry!
Most people want what’s popular or what their friends are wearing, I couldn’t be anymore opposite to that, I love finding something different- niche! And when someone asks what I’m wearing they say ‘oh I haven’t heard of that one’.
Cartier is that something different for me and I love everything the brand stands for, I love not only the luxuriousness of the brand but most importantly the quality.


Personally, I feel that Cartier Carat is the most elegant and feminine fragrance launch of 2018 and our customers love it. I sense this is going to be a popular gift this coming Christmas, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat that special someone to a little piece of Cartier luxury! (As it’s a fraction of the jewellery’s price tag)
However, the Rose Gold ‘LOVE Bracelet’ will forever be on my wish list!
Cartier Carat as a fragrance is refined, delicate & modest. It features many floral elements to represent the rainbow of colours that a diamond reflects when caught in the light. The fragrance itself is like a beautiful fresh spring bouquet with the notes of this composition representing the colours of the rainbow in the form of flowers; violet, lily, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, narcissus, honeysuckle and tulips.
I love the different layers to this fragrance; the fresh feminine floral explosion opens the composition, the sweetness of the honeysuckle then shines through before the beautiful floral mixture returns.


Although a beautiful, delicate fragrance the longevity personally for me is great, although I wouldn’t expect anything less from Cartier. Also being the ultra-feminine, soft, alluring scent that it is, it would make the most wonderful bridal fragrance, due to its elegance, timelessness yet modern vibe.


The bottle is equally as beautiful as the fragrance, an art-deco clean cut glass style bottle that captures and reflects the colours in which a diamond would when caught in the light. This bottle would look stunning on any ladies dressing table!

It’s available to buy right here at Scentstore as we are a proud authorised Cartier UK retailer.
Cartier Carat comes in 30ml, 50ml & 100ml Eau de Parfum spray.


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