Aqua Manda: The Scent of The Seventies

After much rallying across the depths of the internet, Aqua Manda is back.


And it’s still packaged in an incredible pattern reminiscent of curtains in a caravan park.

Originally developed in 1947, it wasn’t until later that the perfume saw its immense popularity. Between 1969 and 1975 things really took off for Aqua Manda, and if you weren’t wearing it, you certainly spotted it everywhere. Available in local chemists and department stores, the rounded, amber bottle and that super-snazzy pattern were instantly recognisable.


Left: Aqua Manda Perfume 100ml. Right: Aqua Manda Gift Set. (Contains 30ml Purse Spray, 105g Soap, 100g Body Powder.)


Now marketed by Beauty Brand Development, great effort has gone into the production to ensure that the original scent has been recreated. With the original oil suppliers and creator of the scent, Christopher Collins supervising the revival, they truly are bringing back the good times, ready to pass them on to a new generation.


So don your bellbottoms, your Farrah Fawcett flicky hair, your platforms and your disco moves, the scent of the seventies is back!


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