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Paco Rabanne - THE NEW LEGENDS

These new fragrances by the perfume powerhouse Paco Rabanne are the epitome of summer, both playing on the notes of this period that embody the mood of these hotter months

For the men, Invictus Legend gives the cool refreshing notes of the sea combined with bursts of lemon, contrasted nicely with spices and herbs such as bay leaf with the woody undertone of guaiac wood. These vast range of notes mean that this scent is amazingly versatile and can transition well from a day scent on to the evening, especially with the days getting longer and the evenings getting warmer.

For the ladies Olympea Legend gives us bursts of fruits, with the top notes being plum and apricot. It then dries down to a wonderful floral scent with kicks on ginger to give the scent added layers of depth. In the base the smooth notes of vanilla and the unusual note of warm sand really gives this scent an unusual but oh so familiar comforting element you would find difficult to find elsewhere.

Even though the two scents are rather different I feel as though the nautical theme that runs through the heart of each scent is a nice link that ties them together in a very understated and subtle way. It’s this link that makes this scent an ideal his and hers for the summer. It would also make a nice summer wedding scent, especially if you’re lucky enough to get married on a tropical beach somewhere.

Available in both our Truro and Falmouth stores as well as online. So please come and try them for yourself you certainly will not be disappointed.

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