Charity Tester Sale Supporting ‘The Butterfly Scheme’

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity 'Butterfly Scheme'

Here at Scentstore we run a hugely popular charity tester sale annually or biennially, each time choosing a local charity in which we would like the proceedings to support.

We held our most recent tester sale on Tuesday 19th February 2019 in our Truro store and it was as popular as ever.

We chose to support ‘The Butterfly Scheme’, a fund within Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity that specialises in palliative care; all proceeds will help support enhancements to end of life care.

The Butterfly Scheme Fund provides additional items such as guest beds, comfortable blankets and audio equipment as well as facilitating by funding what will become known as ‘Rainbow Days’ for end of life patients being cared for across the Trust.

“Rainbow Days will add colour to someone’s day, where appropriate, care teams across the hospitals will be encouraged to ask our end of life patients what would make their day extra special and if the request is within our power then we will make it happen,” Liz Thomas, Specialist Palliative Care Nurse.

Requests could be as simple as wanting to read a favourite magazine, eat a special meal, having nails painted, a haircut, or perhaps a visit to the beach. The aim of the Rainbow Days initiative will be to make the granting of these wishes accessible to more patients highlighting just one of the elements of the holistic approach to care that is already widespread across the hospitals teams (RCHT Charity, 2018)

Thank you to the team who helped set up, serve, provide advice and clean up afterwards!  And of course thank you to our wonderful and loyal customers who came in to support the charity and help raise our best charity amount yet which totalled a huge…..


MacMillan Cancer Support Buterfly Scheme fundraiser
MacMillan Cancer Support Butterfly Scheme
Macmillan Cancer Support Sale

We Raised a Total of:


Hannah from Scentstore


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