Nail Magic Nourish Strengthener 7.4ml

Nail Magic Nourish Strengthener 7.4ml


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Nail Magic Strengthener is the bestselling nail treatment product in both the UK and USA since 1960! Stimulates healthy and beautiful nail growth, while strengthening and conditioning weak or damaged nail tissue in just weeks! Can be used alone, as a base coat, as a topcoat, and as a treatment product.

The NEW Nail Magic Nourish Strengthener is enriched with vitamins, minerals and proteins this brand new product is proven to give dramatic results. With bamboo, keratin and argan oil Nourish helps to strengthen and hydrate the natural nail.

Cruelty-Free. Made in the USA

Easy to Use- Apply 1-2 thin coats to clean & dry nails once a week. Allow coats to dry thoroughly between applications. Can be used as a base coat under nail polish.

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm
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