Nail Magic Strengthener 7.4ml

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Nail Magic Strengthener is the bestselling nail treatment product. Stimulates healthy and beautiful nail growth, while strengthening and conditioning weak or damaged nail tissue. Can be used alone, as a base coat, as a top coat, and as a treatment product. The Nail Magic Strengthener conditions and strengthens weak and damaged nails. For best results, apply on clean nails and add two layers. When using it with a nail colour, apply the colour in between two layers. Directions: Shake bottle well. Clean nails thoroughly with polish remover. If using Nail Magic as a base coat, apply one coat only. Brush on your selected color. Apply Nail Magic as a top coat. If using Nail Magic only, apply two thin coats. Use Nail Magic twice a week for the first eight weeks, then once a week to keep nails strong and beautiful.

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