Mason Pearson Gentle Nylon Brush (NG2)


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Designed to offer the same high standard of haircare to even sensitive scalps, the Mason Pearson NG2 Gentle Nylon Brush looks timeless while possessing modern knowledge. A dark ruby cushion brush designed for thick hair, it possesses seven rings of sturdy nylon tufts, showing only the highest quality can provide the very best results. With every brush shine is improved, even altering the feel of hair of all ages until it’s noticeably stronger and suppler. The NG2 comes complete with a brush cleaner for proper maintenance, in order to keep it operating at peak condition. Mason Pearson NG2 Handy Nylon Brush isn’t as stiff as pure boar bristle or bristle/nylon mix, but still moves through hair with ease. Infusing with the conditioning oil Sebum, the handmade brush is actually capable of improving blood flow in the scalp to the very roots. Hair quality is significantly increased as a result, with sheen and softness being the first noticeable factors of the real benefit of regular brushing. Special cleaning brush included.


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