Problematic Nails? Not for long!

One of the most naturally feminine features we have at our diposition is our hands, and with them come our nails. So why is it so difficult to maintain them & keep them long?
With so many treatments on the market, it’s difficult to know which one to invest in.

The devastation hit when my nails gave way last week, I had to build them up again – and wanted to do so fast.

So, after reading many reviews I put my money in NAIL MAGIC, a strengthener, which can be used alone, as a base coat, or a top coat.
The great thing I discovered about this treatment is that it’s easy. For those of us leading a busy lifestyle and bashing our nails on a keyboard, we need something to fit in to those busy lifestyles. Well ladies, this is most definitely that.
Two coats to be applied – twice a week (removing the previous two before painting again) and I can safely say I have seen a vast improvement. Not only have my nails grown, they have become stronger! (Yes, in just a week… I couldn’t believe it either!)

In just a week of using this NAIL MAGIC treatment (as well as my usual Avoplex Cuticle Oil) I achieved the look shown in the picture – I was so impressed I even gave myself a French manicure to show off my now long nails!




For the French Manicure look, I kept the nails natural and used OPI Alpine Snow for the tips with NAIL MAGIC as a top coat.
If however you like a pink base for your manicure, use OPI Passion.

Good Luck with your nails – show them who is boss!



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