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Well, it’s that exciting time of year when Christmas is over, New Year’s resolutions are made and we excuse our spending just because it’s January.


We are spoilt for choice with OPI at the moment, not only do we have Gwen Stefani for OPI, but the Spring/Summer 2014 Brazil collection is in store now too and there is certainly something for everyone! (SS14 will be posted soon!) From a metallic silver to a satin black, there is some lovely shades to vamp up those cold hands.


These limited edition numbers really are lovely

Pictured above is the Gwen Stefani range. We know how difficult it can be to choose a shade from behind a keyboard so here’s a close up of our colour palette (excuse the empty ones!):

7 great colours for the collection.

7 great colours for the collection.[/caption]

Click on the pink text to view the page.


Push and Shove: I’ve been waiting for a shade like this for some time now. It’s so easy to use and provides an effortless finish. It really does have the chrome look.


I Sing in Color: This one isn’t for me, with my average length nails,pale hands and blonde hair,  I look like a hand model for a vampire movie (roll on the summer!). I got excited with the first coat of this one, it came out a lovely purple, putting the second coat on it was much darker. This shade would look great on tanned hands though, or those with dark hair.


Love. Angel, Music, Baby: I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I wasn’t excited by this after the Mariah Carey Christmas collection as that had loads of golds and I see it as more of a Christmas shade. However, this one looks great on. It’s a pale shade of gold with a lovely light shimmer. I didn’t use a top coat which gave it a matte look without the liquid sand effect.


4 in the Morning: Possibly my favourite in the collection, although I’m not one for dark colours on my hands – This one I couldn’t resist. It’s called a ‘satin’ shade and I was intrigued! It goes on like a normal lacquer and dries to a matte black shade with a slight matte shimmer. It is exactly what it says on the bottle – A ‘satin’ finish.


Hey Baby:  A girl can never have too many pinks in the collection. This one didn’t disappoint, a rich, pop pink to cheer you up in this weather. It goes with almost anything too!


In True Stefani Fashion:  We can all spend ages deciding whether we like those glitters or not. I love this one, OPI have vamped it up, rather than trying desperately to get the glitter pieces out, it glides out. Use as a glitter top coat with one coat, or use two for a complete glitter nail.
A lot of customers won’t allow themselves a glitter for the sheer fact of it being a pain to get off. Problem solved! Use OPI’s Expert Touch Remover and it really does make it easy.
You can get that here: OPI Expert Touch Remover or in store.


Over & Over A-Gwen: Ah, seems the quirky Gwen is a fan of the reds too! This is her signature shade and is a lovely red, not too rich and fairly bright. Fab! To jazz it up a bit she’s added a few studs and crystals from Swarovski for those who love a bit of nail art.
For those that can’t pick a shade to treat yourself too, check out the little cuties in this mini set: Gwen Stefani Rock Starlets Set


Feel free to leave comments below, with questions or opinions on the collection. We’d love to know what you think!


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