Guerlain Christmas Makeup Collection 2012 – LIU Now In Stock

Guerlain’s eagerly awaited Christmas 2012 makeup collection has just arrived in-store. The collection celebrates Guerlain’s 1929 classic fragrance Liu. Inspired by the heroine of Turandot, Puccini’s opera – Jacques Guerlain composed this captivating fragrance that embodies the power of devotion. Guerlain Creative Director Olivier Echaudemaison captures Liu’s passion with a limited edition makeup collection paying tribute to the Asian heroine’s enchanting femininity and sense of detail. Golden hues, deep red lips and tapered eyes capture the opulence of the Orient allowing every woman to become a heroine this season.

Guerlain’s LIU Christmas Makeup Collection includes:

LIU, Perfumed Shimmer Powder (Face, Body and Hair) £50.50. The star of this collection reveals a light-as-air loose powder that enhances the face, body and hair with an iridescent golden veil. A mere press of the bulb releases the powder leaving LUI’s mesmerising aromas in its wake (scent is a composition of aldehydes, sensual roses, vanilla, iris and woody notes).

LIU, Eye & Lip Calligraphy Palette £54. This collector’s palette draws inspiration from the art of calligraphy and Asian beauty rituals.  With 2 dramatic shades for the lips (carmine and blue-toned red) with 3 iridescent powder eye shadows (bronze, copper and ivory) together with a matte black powder liner that can be used wet or dry – this ingeniously designed palette provides all makeup essentials in one place.

MÉTÉORITES PERLES DU DRAGON, Illuminating Powder – Pure Radiance £37.50. Named for this year of the Dragon and pays tribute to this mythical animal, a symbol of the emperor of China. The harmony of 6 shades of pearls in an intense iridescent monochrome palette is perfectly tailored to the Christmas season.

Exceptional Pressed Powder £110. The name of this collectors travel pressed powder means ‘Black Dragon’ and it combines 6 shades to ensure a pure, flawless and luminous complexion regardless of skin tone. Matte shades are paired with 2 white and gold illuminating shades that add subtle radiance.

Long-lasting Eye shadows, Captivating Colours £37.
500 Les Ombres Turandot; this precious quartet showcases a subtle monochrome palette for vibrant and refined eye makeup. The interplay of textures and colours allows you to effortlessly take your look from morning to night. 2 matte and 2 iridescent textures are combined to perfection.

£24.50 in 2 sparkly Christmas shades 700 Altoum, a gold adorned with beautiful tone-on-tone sparkle which you can wear on bare lips or on top of other products and 760 Lou-Ling, an enchanting plum set off with a golden sparkle.

NAIL POLISH £18 in matching shades:  03 Altoum, a gleaming gold, 04 Lou-Ling, a stunning plum.

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