Guy Laroche Drakkar Intense Eau de Parfum

Guy Laroche Drakkar Intense Eau de Parfum

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Guy Laroche Drakkar Intense Eau de Parfum

Elevate your presence with Guy Laroche’s Drakkar Noir Intense Eau de Parfum. A captivating blend of sensuous amber, leather, and fresh bergamot. Unleash your inner intensity. Redefine allure. Be unforgettable.

Unleash your inner mystique with Guy Laroche’s latest olfactory masterpiece, Drakkar Noir Intense. Elevating the timeless allure of the classic Drakkar Noir, this fragrance is the epitome of sophistication and seduction, designed for the modern man who exudes confidence and charisma.

šŸŒŸ Fragrance Profile:
šŸ”„ Sensual Amber & Leather
šŸŒæ Fresh Bergamot & Lavender
šŸŒ² Woody Vetiver & Patchouli

Drakkar Noir Intense is available in 2 sizes of Eau de Parfum, 50ml and 100ml.

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Guy Laroche

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