The Hair Mist Discovery Guide

The Hair Mist Discovery Guide

Why a hair mist is a perfect scented addition this summer. 


Hair mists provide a fresher, lighter substitute to your favourite perfume, perfect for summer. 

Is your shampoo not holding its scent any longer than the shower, and you don’t want to use up your favourite expensive perfume by spraying it every day? Hair mist is a perfect layering product you may not have thought about before, but certainly won’t be able to go without from now on. Because who doesn’t love having fresh, good smelling hair! 

You may be wondering why you wouldn’t just spray your favourite perfume on your hair. However, applying the spray from your bottle directly on your hair can be damaging and drying due to the composition of the scent tending to be concentrated with alcohol. Another reason to avoid this is because perfumes are created to be applied to the skin, not the hair. Meaning the oils in the fragrance could make your hair greasy. Instead, add a hair mist to your fragrance routine, which are designed to make your hair smell beautiful without the damage.  

Hair mists are created to be a lot softer, conditioning and lightweight. With numerous ingredients having the addition of silicones to keep the hair silky, not drying it out. The scent is designed to linger in your hair for longer than fragrance on the skin, helping your hair to stay smelling fresh and clean without needing the daily wash. Simply spray this affordable alternative around ten centimetres away from your strands, and let the mist work its magic.   

Here at Scentstore we have assembled a list of some of our favourite hair mists you are guaranteed to love as much as we do.  


L'Interdit Hair Mist

One of our most popular, sophisticated fragrances is Givenchy’s L’Interdit. Now available in a new hair mist. Lighter and slightly more refined than the eau de parfum perfume, but still equally as beautiful. The signature fragrance is a composition of the notes orange blossom, tuberose, vetiver, jasmine and patchouli. This hair mist is a lighter and more natural alternative to the perfume, additionally leaving the hair silky, shiny and soft. Along with making you smell radiant all day long. 

The Givenchy L’Interdit Hair Mist is available in one size, a 35ml spray.  


Voce Viva Hair Mist 30ml

You probably have already heard of this fragrance in association with Lady Gaga, which was a massive hit when released. This new iconic scent is a sparkling celebration of one’s individual essence. Opening with notes of Italian bergamot, followed by soft, juicy mandarin. At the heart of the scent is orange blossom and golden gardenia accord. The base cools down the fragrance with the use of unexpected crystal moss and vanilla, creating a modern intensity. The hair mist is within the same bottle as the original fragrance, following Valentino’s signature chunky glass cube with a rock studded lid.  

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray. 


Black Opium Hair Mist

Infused with argan oil, you couldn’t ask for a better version of perfume for your hair. Allowing you to experience the best-selling black opium scent in a more subtle way.  

A slightly fresher take on the oriental eau de parfum, the hair mist opens up with top notes of pear, pink pepper and orange blossom. Followed by the seductive heart of jasmine and intense coffee. With base notes of vanilla, patchouli and cedarwood. 

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray. 


Mon Guerlain Hair Mist 30ml

The new hair mist is a more delicate take on the elegant oriental Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum. Still following the classy Mon Guerlain bottle, this mist is available in a perfect handbag size, ideal to carry around and spray whenever needed. The scent begins with notes of fresh lavender and sensual vanilla, combined with sandalwood and sambac jasmine.  

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray. 


Toy 2 Bubblegum Hair Mist Single

The brand new addition to Moschino’s perfume range. Ideal for anyone who is outgoing, fun and pink addicted.   

This playful bubble gum fragrance encapsulates a positive, happy mood within a scent. Opening with citrus, such as Italian lemon and orange essence in combination with bubble gum accord. Followed by an array of heart notes of cinnamon, ginger, blackcurrant, peach flowers, Bulgarian rose essence and vine peach. Drying down the perfume, base notes consist of musk cocktail, cedarwood essence and ambrofix. Forming a floral, fruity and oriental scent.  

 Encased in Moschino’s iconic teddy bear glass bottle, with a pink twist. The hair mist is perfect handbag size. Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray. 


Donna BORN IN ROMA Hair Mist 30ml Single

Born in Roma has been a favourite of ours ever since its launch, now available as a hair mist, which will captivate others when you move. This floral, oriental perfume is composed of notes of jasmine accord, followed by vanilla bourbon at the heart. At the base are notes guaiac wood and cashmeran. The combination of these ingredients forms an edgy reminiscent of Rome street-culture.  

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray. 


Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist 30ml

Mugler Angel is an enticing scent, pushing you to live up to your dreams and strive to push all limits. Still capturing the irresistible scent of Mugler angel, the hair mist provides a smooth, lighter coat. 

Opening with peony and mandarin, following into crisp apple and smooth praline at the heart. Lastly, base notes of warm blond woods and patchouli.  

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray. 



The elegant, luxurious brand Parfums de Marly have released a more affordable way to purchase and use their beautiful Delina perfume. This sensual, feminine hair mist is timeless and modern. Opening with Turkish rose, lily of the valley, peony, lychee, rhubarb, powerful nutmeg and bergamot. With a heart of vanilla, forming a sensual smell. Creating the depth in the perfume, woods and frankincense are used.  

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 75ml spray. 


Narciso hair mist

This hair mist provides a fresh, lighter alternative to the original perfume, leaving a soft and sensual scent without any oil residue. Still following Rodriguez’ first signature and elegant fragrance, with the predominate notes of orange flower and musk.  

Available in-store and online at Scentstore as a 30ml spray.


Written by Megan

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