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For all the new HOLISTER fragrance & perfume releases for men and women, browse the latest releases, best selling perfumes, aftershaves, colognes and gift sets from this extremely popular brand.

Hollister, renowned for its effortlessly cool and beach-inspired fashion, extends its signature vibe to a captivating line of perfumes and fragrances for both men and women. With a history rooted in the sun-soaked California lifestyle, Hollister has successfully translated its laid-back essence into aromatic creations that resonate with the brand’s youthful and carefree spirit.

For women, the Hollister fragrance collection features popular scents like Wave, an exhilarating blend that captures the essence of a coastal breeze. Canyon Escape, another favorite, evokes the feeling of a sun-drenched adventure with its refreshing notes. The latest addition, Canyon Sky, continues the tradition with an alluring fragrance that embodies the brand’s love for exploration and freedom. Men can experience the rugged allure of Hollister’s fragrances, such as the ever-popular Wave, delivering a dynamic and invigorating scent. Canyon Escape for men mirrors the spirit of outdoor exploration, while the newest addition, Canyon Sky, promises a captivating olfactory journey that complements the brand’s commitment to a lifestyle of endless possibilities.

Hollister’s perfume collection mirrors the brand’s commitment to casual sophistication, making each fragrance a seamless addition to the laid-back yet stylish lifestyle that defines Hollister’s identity.

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