Roger and Gallet Foaming Shower Honey

Forget coffee, this is what I need to help wake me up in the mornings.

Roger & Gallet Fleur d’Osmanthus Foaming Shower Honey is a bright, fresh smelling treat on an otherwise miserable early trip to the shower. As you can see, I am no morning person.
Soap free and soothing, this honey textured, gentle gel is formulated with apricot extract and vitamin E. It is kind to your skin and mine felt baby soft, even before I used the matching body lotion.

I’m a real citrus lover, especially in winter when I feel I need the pick me up most, and this product boasts some of my favourite scents. Mandarin and grapefruit provide an instant spritz, whilst benzoin essential oil gives a calming vanilla warmth.
Renowned for their therapeutic qualities, Roger & Gallet products don’t just make for a spectacular smelling body and bathroom, but a clear, relaxed mind. Everyday becomes that little bit more luxurious with a touch of the French perfumer-apothecary, established in 1862.
Roger & Gallet “invites you on a perfumer’s journey to the heart of some of the most beautiful gardens in the world”, and who would turn that down on a gloomy morning in winter?


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