Beard Care Favourites

Beard Care Favourites

Everything you need to know; a complete guide to our favourite beard care products 

Too much choice that you’re not sure where to start? Here at Scentstore we have composed a list of all the best men’s grooming products, making your decision stress-free and straight forward.  


The high-end, luxurious brand offers a wide variety of beard care products, providing anything you could need for a healthy beard. These products truly line up with the well-respected brand name as they are extremely high quality, making them best sellers at our shop. Taking inspiration from their heritage, the English brand Captain Fawcett pride themselves with hand-picked ingredients, handmaking their products in small batches. 

Captain Fawcett is inspired by a very interesting story of the Edwardian explorer Captain Peabody Fawcett who disappeared while traveling to the Congo River. Never heard from again after his disappearance, until in 1997 when an old trunk was bought at a clearance sale. Once unlocked, it was discovered to have a dressing case full of ointments, salves and unguents. Along with this, there were also important travel journals which contained extremely detailed information of ingredients, now inspiring the grooming brand Captain Fawcett’s own products.  

As Captain Fawcett have an extensive range of products, we have composed a few items below that standout to us here at Scentstore. 




Captain Fawcett Barberism Beard Oil

Captain Fawcett’s Barberism Beard Oil has been made in partnership with Sid Sottung. Opening with top notes of orange and lime, following through with a heart of galbanum and rose. Deepening with an earthier base of patchouli, musk and cedarwood. Forming a timeless and still refreshingly elegant scent which is then infused with oils of vitamin E, sweet almond and jojoba. 


Booze & Baccy


Captain Fawcett Booze & Baccy Beard Balm


Captain Fawcett’s Booze & Baccy Beard Balm is a handmade pomade. With smoothing and retention properties, this balm is the perfect grooming product that is a must-have in your beard care routine. 


Million Dollar Beard Oil


Captain Fawcett Million Dollar Beard Oil


Captain Fawcett’s Million Dollar Beard Oil is created to make you feel like a million pounds. This unique and not seen before union of notes along with flakes of 23 carat gold forms a product that could not be more luxurious.  

Following the brand’s excellent ethics, this beard oil is created in collaboration with Jimmy Niggle, the founder of Beard Season. Beard Season is a global movement created to challenge you to have a skin check-up for melanoma. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold is used to fund these life-saving conversations, spreading important awareness. 


The idea for Mariner Jack was created from within a Cornish pub, soon to be developed into a global brand. A complete sell out within two weeks, the company moved to a large unit to keep up with demand of their extremely popular cheap yet good quality products. The family run brand puts product quality and customer happiness at the heart of everything.  




The Port Royale Beard Balm is an alluring mix of notes that blend exotic ingredients from across the high seas. Top notes start with sandalwood and cedarwood, combined with oriental patchouli and musk. following through to a heart composed of jasmine, orange blossom and violet. Finishing with a unique base of lime, mandarin and grapefruit.  This beard balm is completely composed of natural nourishing oils along with organic shea butter. Which provides a soft finish, giving the beard a full and healthier appearance.  




Like the beard balm, this oil is composed by hand in Cornwall using completely natural ingredients. Designed to soften and nourish both the beard and skin. The scent of this oil is a rich, woody fragrance. Opening with notes of cypress and olibanum, following with warm moss, leather and amber. Finishing with a sweeter base of tonka, patchouli and benzoin.  


The Bluebeards Revenge is a south-west based male grooming brand. By having a unique, light-hearted approach to determined, serious beard care, the company have accumulated a large global desire for their products.   

With a really interesting back story, The Bluebeard’s Revenge is sure to be a brand that captures your attention. Created all from a bet during a rum-fuelled night rather than from a detailed plan. The founder of the company was set the task to make a collection of grooming products that ‘could stand up to the toughest of stubbles known to man’. Certainly excelling to the challenge, The Bluebeards Revenge was born.  


Bluebeards Revenge Cuban Blend Beard Oil 50ml


Designed to give the beard a subtle scent of the Caribbean along with having a smooth, healthy shine. Using vegan ingredients, this Cuban blend is easily absorbed. 



Using synthetic bristles that are created to mimic badger hair. The properties allow the brush to maintain softness along with water retention. 


Written by Megan

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