Review: CK One Red Edition

Twenty years ago, Calvin Klein released CK One, the groundbreaking, international success story that set the bar for young, contemporary scents.


Everyone wore it, and everyone could – it was of of the first widely available unisex fragrances. It was just cool. Since then, Calvin Klein have reigned as leaders in urban youth fragrance, and 2014 marks the arrival of a hot new couple. Meet CK One Red Edition for Him and CK One Red Edition for Her.
Looking at the ad campaign, you can see what these releases are all about. Sexy, young people in crop tops having way more fun than you ever do. Kidding. Although the marketing makes me feel old (at 25, I hasten to add), the fragrances themselves are accessible and alluring – even to a boring old biddie like me who’d be concerned about catching a cold were I to be caught in the rain baring midriff like that.



Less girly than I had anticipated, Red for Her isn’t just another run of the mill fruity floral. Opening with the fresh note of watermelon (the red element, I assume), the dry down is akin to salty skin, with a salt water accord and skin musk lending a tangible, animalistic quality to the perfume.


Red for Him bursts with red pear and citrus notes that linger throughout a dry down of wet suede, spiced with black pepper and sweetened with tonka bean. Although officially an aftershave, I wouldn’t rule out wearing it myself as a fresh, citrus, summer scent.


Having sprayed both scents on blotters when they first arrived in store, I’m pleased to say that over a week later, I could still get a whiff of them once rediscovered under a pile of post-its. Both fragrances are pleasant, summery and very wearable. They aren’t going to blow your mind, but you’ll hardly blend in either.


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CK One Red Edition is available now. Don’t forget Valentine’s Day! Order here for Free UK Delivery & Gift Wrap


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