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The latest release from Paul Smith is the result of a two year collaboration with model and new generation perfumer, Barnabe Fillion, that aims to draw a “portrait” of Paul Smith for those who wear it. It’s his most personal fragrance to date, drawing on Paul’s own love of travel and the memory evoking abilities of scent. Taking inspiration from many settings and cultures, they have created two original, sensual and complex fragrances, one for men, one for women.


The women’s fragrance is a fresh, green floral with top notes of bergamot, black tea, cardamom, blackcurrant and peach. It softens to floral middle notes of wild rose and jasmine, finally warming to musk and myrrh. Wonderfully, the inclusion of cardamom and black tea comes from Paul’s travels to India and Japan, whilst the wild rose is reminiscent of his Uncle’s garden in Nottingham. How sweet!


Similarly, the top notes of the men’s fragrance include bergamot and cardamom, but are this time joined with green tea and pink pepper, making for a spicier, more masculine impression upon spraying. Underneath are geranium and cassie flower middle notes, that ease to base notes of cedarwood, myrrh, tolu balm (a sweet, woody resin collected from lush trees in South America), and cistus labadanum (a spicy Mediterranean shrub), creating overall a woody, spicy aftershave. In this instance, Paul was inspired by the aroma of wood cuttings laying outside Paul’s home in Italy.


Both fragrances are packaged in a classic bottle design in the style of a hip flask – inspired by a bottle the designer found at a Parisian flea market. For Paul Smith fans, this is the ideal fragrance, and a chance to get to know more about the designer. The scents complement each other perfectly, so are great for a couple looking for co-ordinating his and hers fragrances, and are a safe bet if you’re buying someone a gift! Hint hint…

While stocks last, we’re offering customers purchasing the larger 80ml size in either fragrance a stylish holdall to carry when whisking yourself away for the weekend, or you know, to the gym.

Paul Smith Portrait is set for release on the 5th of September and will be available in the following sizes:

Women’s – 40ml EDP £43.50 and 80ml EDP £67.00

Men’s – EDT 40ml EDT £37.50 and 80ml EDT £57.00



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