James Bond 007 Quantum


This fragrance is set to be massively popular. Although not on our counter until September 18th, we wholeheartedly expect an orderly and very welcome queue of men in tuxedos to form outside our Truro shop doors. Harrods, the privileged little devils, were stocking from August 15th, and sold a bottle every four minutes until the lot was gone. It seems there are many men who want to smell like Bond, and likely just as many women who want their men to smell like him. Personally, I would suspect dear James to smell of martinis and women’s perfume what with all that cavorting about talking smooth he gets up to, but the fragrance is more of a spicy, leafy setup. Perhaps from one of his adventures in a woodland setting, if such a thing has ever happened. You can tell I’m not an avid fan, can’t you?


Anyway, I asked Boyfriend to wear Quantum of an afternoon because these things really don’t come across quite the same on my girlish wrists. Momentarily distracted by the twisty business on the top of the bottle – there are no lids here my friends, Bond has no time for lids – he gave it a try. Initial verdict? “It’s alright isn’t it.” Once prompted for a little more detail, he decided that Quantum is pleasant, not overbearing and good for every day, though perhaps a little on the young side for him personally. He certainly enjoyed the bottle design, drawing a comparison between it and the metal floors that you clatter around on in the queue for Oblivion at Alton Towers. Manly indeed then.

“Dangerously sophisticated” might be pushing it.

I like it. I’m not crazy about it, I wouldn’t feel compelled to follow a man down the street a few paces desperately in order to get another precious whiff of it, but I like it.


Available in the following sizes from September 18th: 30ml £19.50, 50ml £24.50, 75ml £31.50

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