CK2 – A NEW Gender Free Scent from Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, a well known designer worldwide, creates another unisex fragrance that is sure to create a storm. His first, CK ONE (launched 1994!), still remains in our top sellers year on year and we can see why, versatile and citrus, it really does suit most characters. Now, comes the next Gender Free scent. 

An unusual combination of notes, CK2 is an urban woody fresh scent suitable for anyone.  

The concept?

Friendship. Love. Lust.

What makes it unusual? Lets take a look at the notes:

My thoughts? 

I have to say I am a fan of the latest fragrance from Calvin Klein, from the chic, minimalist bottle to the vibrant smelling juice. It is long lasting and has a subtle dry down of the Vetiver and Sandalwood. I like the concept behind the scent, a fun look on love and friendship and a modern urban twist of the CKONE. 

Perfectly in time for Valentine’s Day, this is one that you can use as well as your partner if you want to. 

You can shop the fragrance here:


CK2 at Scentstore


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